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  • Thursday 1 January
    MedIRM-LaSalle Radiology Medicenter doubles its receiving capacity in ultrasound and acquires a second top of the line advanced apparatus.
  • Thursday 1 January
    Our new MRI equipment, with a larger opening, is convenient for claustrophobic and overweight patients who could not pass this examination elsewhere in conventional MRI machines.
  • Thursday 1 January

    Now your doctor can access your images as soon as the examination is completed. He can also read online the final report of the examination the same day or within 24 hours (except special circumstances)

  • Thursday 1 January

    Nouvel appareil de mammographie numérique de type DR (Digital Radiology) de dernière génération.

  • Thursday 1 January

    Radiologie LaSalle est maintenant ouverte le samedi entre 10h00 et 15h00

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img_welcomeRadiology LaSalle and MedIRM-RML offer you a full range of medical imaging services with very fast appointments.

We offer an efficient, fast and flexible services that adapts to your needs and your well-being.

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As soon as the images and report of your examniation are available, they can be viewed quickly and safely by your doctor via internet.

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